Test Gate Inspection includes:

    • Overall gate
    • Cables
    • Mounting brackets
    • Bearing trucks
    • Lower guide wheels
    • Bearing truck track

Continuous run inspections:


To inspect and record findings of all aspects of the Arma gate system at predetermined intervals in order to identify features or components that can be improved.

Inspection Instructions

  • Inspect entire gate looking for cracks or other points of failure.
  • Inspect the bearing truck bracket for cracks, bending or other damage.
  • Inspected exposed bearing truck.
    • Measure axial and radial play of one bearing
    • Measure radial play of on guide wheel
    • Describe the fit of the self-aligning spherical joint
  • Inspect cables.
  • Expose and measure radial play in lower inner and outer guide wheels.
  • Measure the inside height of the bearing truck track in the top rail.
Continuous Run 10 Point Inspection Results
Bearing Truck Lower Guide Wheel Inside
Bearing Guide Wheel Spherical Joint Radial Play Height
Cycles Gate Truck Bracket Radial Play Axial Play Radial Play Describe* Cables Inner | Outer Guide Wheel Bracket Bearing Track
Dec 5 2018 0 Good Good1 .001″ .005″ .003″ Stiff Good .002″ | .002″ Good 1.7055″
Feb 19 2019 100,000 Good Good2 .002″ .006″ .007″ Less Stiff Good .012″ | .010″ Good 1.709″

Radial and axial play is measured using a dial indicator and the measurement is made on the same bearing and guide wheel each time.
*Describe the fit of the self-aligning spherical joint. E.g. when new – “Stiff”

1 Good Condition – Old style with slots and No Gussets
2 cracking at slots