Built in Canada

We’re proud to say ARMA Gates are engineered and built in Canada and made to withstand harsh Canadian winters and other rugged climates.

Providing secure access for the following industries:

    • Telecom
    • Utilities
    • Shipping
    • Transportation
    • Production
    • Commercial

Game Changer

Our precision-splice technology ensures our gates glide straight from open to close every time.

Affordable Next Day Shipping

ARMA Gate’s segmented aluminum design reduces transportation costs and our gates are always in stock so shipping is always within 24 hours after order.

Flexible Fit and Install

ARMA Gate’s segmented design can be configured to fit any installation. ARMA Gate exceeds industry standards and the gate is automation ready with minimal installation.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Should your ARMA Gate require repairs or replacement of sections, damaged areas can be exchanged for new segments without changing the entire gate.

Low Deflection

Heavy wall aluminium alloy segments are designed for minimal wind deflection.

Make it Modular

ARMA Gates are modular, with each piece independent from the whole.

Download PDF Technical Drawings and Specifications.

Full Document Package

ARMA Cantilever Gate Spec

ARMA Gate Installation Instructions

Single Track Gate Drawings

Double Track Gate Drawings

Gate Splice Drawings

Looking for more information? Talk to one of our dedicated ARMA Gate representatives at 1-800-371-0735

Contact an ARMA Gate Professional.

Contact An ARMA Gate Professional.

Arma Gate Cam – 24 Hour Inspections

Arma Gate represents the best the industry has to offer. To prove it, Countermeasures Security Solutions Inc. has set up a destruction test unit in real world conditions to see just how well our gates stand up to the ultimate test.

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