Field Tested

Our products are designed and manufactured to exceed industry standards, and continually tested to ensure maximum durability and security. Ongoing destructive testing allows us to supply the best product and the most up-to-date information by measuring:

  • Extreme weather durability
  • Climate-based functionality
  • Frequency capabilities
  • Maintenance and repair needs

Research & Development

Our Research & Development team is always coming up with new products and technology, like the patent Game Changer, as well as innovative ways to improve upon existing ideas. We are fortunate to have an in-house prototype developer and machinist to bring our ideas to life surrounded by the people who know the applications best.

Industry feedback is also key to our innovation. We value the information we receive from customers who have utilized Countermeasures Security Solutions products to their full potential.

Our team routinely consults with engineers, designers and installers to ensure that all new automated gate assemblies are compliant and safe.

As part of our consultations we:

  • Determine access control system requirements.
  • Discuss all safety systems to not only ensure compliance but to meet all personnel safety requirements.
  • Discuss and assist with security needs for now and the future to make sure the system always integrates seamlessly

We’re also able to solve any potential residential, industrial or commercial problem with a custom-built solution.


We promote the continual training and certification of our technicians. Countermeasures Security Solutions is also proud to provide Gate Automation Technical Training (GATT) for Access Control, Entrapment Protection, Gate Classification, Gate Controls, and Gate Operators.

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Are you compliant?

Eliminate the guessing game. Our team will determine system compliance through a complete inspection of the function, structure, safety, and security including:

    • The gate type & classification
    • Entrapment
    • Warning signs, lights and audio alert
    • Gate controls
    • Gate operator
    • Roller protection
    • Elimination or guarding of pinch points

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