For over 20 years we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing some of the most innovative and high-quality security products in the world. Every security challenge is approached with unparalleled customer service and workmanship.

Security Solutions can:

  • Help to determine access control system requirements
  • Discuss all safety systems to not only ensure compliance but to meet personal and workplace safety requirements
  • Provide customized automated gate assemblies and perimeter security
  • Discuss and provide the security essentials needed now, as well as help to plan for the future so the new system will integrate seamlessly
  • Analyze compliance and provide safety recommendations
  • Provide Gate Automation Technical Training (GATT) for Access Control,
  • Entrapment Protection, Gate Classification, Gate Controls, and Gate Operators

We’re proud to say our outstanding products are engineered and built in Canada, and made to withstand harsh Canadian winters and other rugged climates. Every Countermeasures Security Solutions product is rigorously and continually tested in-house to inform potential refinements and accurate maintenance schedules.

Our Leadership Team

Brent Sylvester


Brent has spent most of his working life as a problem-solver, and using his entrepreneurial spirit to provide solutions that others cannot. For 25 years, he has made it his mission to develop innovations and to challenge the market status quo. Brent has built his reputation on excellence, and he knows that was only possible by surrounding himself with the right people. Developing an organizational culture of innovation, inclusivity, and ingenuity will always be Brent’s top priority, because “it is the only way to be on the leading edge of innovative solutions.”

Andy Locke, RSE

Research & Manufacturing Manager

Andy prides himself on a job well done. You’ll find him on the shop floor managing our fabrication team and ensuring that only quality products leave our facility. In the offseason, Andy invests his time into researching and developing new and innovative solutions for our client’s unique needs. As a journeyman machinist, and recipient of the idea factory challenge award, Andy is truly passionate about the work he does.

Peter Villella

Account Manager

Moving at the speed of light, Peter can be found all over town meeting with customers, estimating jobs, and making sure each job is done to exacting standards. After 16 dedicated years with the organization, he is an integral part of the team, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Barry Huffman

I.T. Manager, CAGOI

Barry enjoys the broad set of responsibilities he has in the company. Beyond being our IT expert, he also helps in all other operational areas. He has 10 years with the company, and has earned his Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer (CAGOI) certificate. Barry also enjoys photography, and uses that talent to take pictures for our website. When he manages to take a vacation you’ll find him participating in ranch rodeos.

Evan O’Flaherty


Our youngest addition, brings a great energy to the team. He has taken well to building our Arma Gate panels and enjoys making a quality, durable, and clean finished looking product. When he’s not on the welding machine, he spends most of his time dirt biking, snowboarding, and fishing. Evan enjoys working within the team because everyone has a great sense of pride in their work.

Randy Hanlan

Purchasing Manager

With a professional, reserved demeanor, you’ll find Randy to be a competent and dependable source of information for your projects. Randy has nearly 40 years of industry experience to call upon when he is making your vision become a reality.

We engineer, manufacture, install and maintain.

Our products are designed and manufactured to exceed industry standards, and are continually tested in-house to ensure maximum durability and security.

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