Aluminum Cantilever Gates

Aluminum cantilever gates engineered specifically for industry to guarantee safety and confidence for high-cycle entry points with unmatched robustness and strength. Our patented Game Changer precision splice technology takes ARMA Gate above and beyond the competition.

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Security & Safety Barrier

A rapid-deploy, roll-away system that can be used independently or in conjunction with an existing fence or barrier system. Its compact, portable and provides secure restricted access in tight spaces in a wide variety of applications.

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No Digging, No Holes

ATFF is a patented security chain link floating fence system designed for use in No Dig Zones and remote locations with minimal environmental impact.

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Gate Automation Technical Training

Countermeasures Security Solutions invests heavily into education and research. We take this knowledge base and provide training for industry professionals who want to learn more about automated gate systems.

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Professional Consulting

Certified Automated Gate Professionals

Eliminate the guessing game. Our team will determine system compliance and requirements through a complete inspection of the function, structure, safety, and security.

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Automated Gate Agreement

Gate Audits and Operational & Maintainace Service Agreement

Our gate audits establish a baseline of the system’s compliance with industry safety standards. Maintain that level of safety and security with our routine maintenance agreement visits.

Ease of Mind

Arma Gate Cam

Arma Gate represents the best the industry has to offer. To prove it, Countermeasures Security Solutions Inc. has set up a destruction test unit in real world conditions to see just how well our gates stand up to the ultimate test.

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