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Winterizing Your Automated Gate

November 2, 2015

Completing regular maintenance and upkeep on your automated gate can add years of life to your structure. For those living in colder climates, winter is a time to pay particular attention to care. It’s important to get your gate prepared for the drop in temperature to keep it operating smoothly, and diminish risks of damages caused by the weather.

Your gates hinges take the brunt of regular wear and tear. It’s important to keep your hinges properly lubricated, particularly in the winter months to keep them from sticking or freezing. When applying lubricant to your hinges, apply first at the moving mechanism, and open and close the mechanism several times to be sure all parts of the hinges have been coated. In addition to hinges, sealed bearings, chains and pins will all benefit from regular lubrication, and will fare the winter months much better if lubrication is maintained during that time. Apply lubrication to the chain drive similarly as done to hinges, applying first to the accessible moving parts. It’s important to assure your chain remains flexible, so it does not cease and cause problems to operation.

In addition to lubricating, your chain may require tensioning. An indication of this is how much the chain sags. In a typical 12-16 foot gate, 2 inches of sagging is normal, allow more for longer gates. If your chain is in need of tensioning but the tensioner is fully tightened, it’s likely that links will need to be removed. This task can be complicated and you might wish to seek professional assistance. Be cautious not to over tighten your chain, if there is no sag and the chain appears to sit in a straight line, the chain is too tight and could cause damage to its operation.

As the weather drops, it’s important to continue to use your gate regularly to keep it from ceasing. Inspect the joints and welds of your gates for any cracks. If found, have cracks repaired as soon as possible as the cold weather can cause these to worsen.

Maintaining your automated gate during winter months is essential to keep them looking good year round. Additionally, proper winter maintenance can mean avoiding the costly repairs or down-time associated with a breakdown or system failure.

For more information regarding how to properly prepare your automated gate for winter or any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us today!