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The Importance of Fencing to Safeguard Children

September 1, 2015

The importance of properly installed fences is paramount to the safety of children safety from external threats.

Although adult supervision can reduce the impact of safety and security concerns, there must still be put into place a security measure that will ensure the overall safety of children from external threats. Security fencing along the perimeters of where children spend their time can significantly reduce the risk of any hazardous and dangerous threats.

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Case Study –Playground Fences

The protection and safety of children in public areas is fundamentally mandatory. Many members of the community do agree that fencing around school playgrounds for example is pivotal to their safety as seen in the Norwich, Ontario safety fence project. A local motorcycle club donated $2,000 to initiate a fencing project around Early Learning Center at Deborah Tennant Zinewicz School.

Pool Safety Measures

Swimming pools can also be threat to the safety of young children.

In Quinte West, Belleville Ontario, Public Health Inspector Andrew Landly spoke to the city council asking for the city to create a bylaw that would require barrier fencing for residential swimming pools. Such a barrier safety requirement, he said, has been proven to prevent drowning deaths among young children where such rules have been passed.

A similar case took place in 2015 with a toddler in Morinville Edmonton, where a community park was built near a lake. The 2-year-old girl wondered off from the unfenced playground park and drowned when she fell into the lake.

Thunderbay – Swimming Pool Fence By-Laws

Thunder bay Pool Fence By-Laws

  • This by laws apply to any privately owned swimming pool
    • Operated by a filtration system
    • Or contains 24 inches or more of water
  • Water Placement
    • is prohibited until fences and gates have been erected
  • Fence Height
    • Can not be less than 48 inches in height above grade
  • Climbing Hazards
    • Must not have “openings, rails or horizontal or diagonal attachments on the outside that would facilitate climbing
  • Above Ground Pools
    • steps to such pools are required to be fenced and equipped with a gate
  • Permits
    • Are mandatory before excavation or pool erection

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Children are young, and they most certainly feel free. The curiosity of young children can lead them in any direction as they please when it comes to adventuring out on their own. Whether it is in their parent’s backyard, schoolyard, or your local neighborhood park, children will always feel free to wonder around – which causes many severe safety concerns. Issues such as these can all be prevented with proper and thorough recognition of the importance of security fencing for young children.

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