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Spring Maintenance

May 9, 2014

Spring has sprung! Which means it’s about time to check your gates for any weather related damage. Maintaining your gates is imperative to both the functionality and safety of your automatic security gates.

Being accountable for your security gates is not an option, it is a necessity (unless you want a lawsuit, should anything ever go terribly wrong due to negligence.) Which brings us to our next point. Neglecting to hire a professionally trained and certified company to perform regular maintenance on your gates makes your gates non-compliant. In other words, should anything go wrong, you are 100% liable for damages, injury, or even death.

A devastating example of negligence occurred back in 2010 when a 5 year old girl from the UK became pinned in between a brick wall and the automatic gate of their apartment building when someone was opening the gate. A resident of the building stated: “It shouldn’t happen though because there are sensors, so that if anything is in the line of the beam then the gates will open themselves again.”  There was an ongoing investigation with the tenants and the company responsible for installing the gate, but the results were never made public. However, it was brought up multiple times that the gate was not properly installed/maintained by a technician who repaired a faulty motor just one year prior to the girl’s death. In other words, this tragedy could have been avoided if the company had been more educated and attentive. These types incidents are more common than you may think. And while they don’t all end in tragedy they are all costly and completely avoidable.

At Countermeasures, you will never have to deal with the worries of inefficiency because we set our standards very high through the continuous training and certification of our technicians. This is a priority to ensure that no Countermeasures installation technician will touch or work on your gate unless they are 100% trained and approved.  With year round maintenance options, you’ll never have to worry about remembering when your next check up is due. We manage that for you!

Your reports and service calls are documented and logged in an easy to access portal that Countermeasures maintains for your convenience. Our clients simply ‘click’ and browse the complete history of their automated gate assembly. A handy feature when enforcement officials insist on seeing your maintenance documents.

We also provide fully documented training for your personnel and a series of policy recommendations for your safety, maintenance and security departments. These are free services that we offer to every one of our clients.

Wondering if your gate is up to code? Click on the link below to see some of the things we keep a close eye on: http://cmssi.com/are-you-compliant/. Didn’t buy your gate from us? No problem! We can perform regular maintenance on all types of gates and give you the peace of mind that your automated gates are properly maintained, safe and ready for service.