System Analysis Audit

Countermeasures Security Solutions invests heavily in education and research in order to provide the highest level of expertise and service to our customers. Our research shows that most automated gate assemblies do not comply with the industry’s UL325, ASTM F2200 or CSA 247-92 safety standards. When it comes down to it, Countermeasures considers these pre-determined standards the minimum safety requirements of automated gate assembly, not a future goal. By using Countermeasures’ analysis services you can ensure that your automated gate assembly enhances safety and security.

Automated Gate Assembly Analysis

The first step in the Countermeasures process is to perform an “automated gate assembly audit”. This establishes a baseline of the current compliance and operational safety status of your automated gate assembly. This detailed audit will provide a list of any deficiencies within the assembly and also include any necessary recommendations for the course of action needed in order to bring the assembly into compliance with the current safety standards.

Also, as part of our ongoing automated gate assembly analysis program, Countermeasures offers a service agreement which states that we will visit your location quarterly to inspect the installation, perform tests, and provide preventative maintenance. This will ensure that your automated gate assembly is properly maintained and remains compliant for years to come.

Automated security gate assembly audit

An Automated Gate Assembly Audit report that is provided on the completion of our safety compliance audit.

Examples of systems that Countermeasures routinely inspects include:

  1. Entrapment systems
  2. Access Control systems
  3. Mechanical Systems
  4. Security Systems
  5. Structural Integrity

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