Security Standards Compliance

You have or require an automated gate assembly.

These assemblies are great additions to any physical security gate system. They can add productivity and security, not to mention the convenience of not having to push a gate open and closed. However, some of the most important things they will add are liabilities because the word “automated” literally means “to operate with little human intervention.” With that being said, most automated gate assemblies run through a complete open and close cycle with a simple command to open. The gate will fully open and then, on its own, it will fully close.

So you may ask “what prevents people or vehicles from being struck by the gate?”

The answer is simple: the safety system.

It’s extremely important to remember that if your gate is moving and comes into contact with an obstacle, resulting in injury, damage, or even death… you are 100% liable for your gate!

You could then find yourself in litigation trying to prove that you did everything possible (your due diligence) to ensure your assembly was compliant with the industry standards. Three of the leaders in this industry have created specific standards for automated gates to ensure that everything possible is being done to protect the people.

These standards are:

Compliance makes for safe home security

Automated gates can be dangerous. Complying to the safety standards is the best way to mitigate needless risks.

To show due diligence, you may be required to produce documentation that your automated gate assembly is compliant. This includes providing proof that it is inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is continually compliant. At Countermeasures, we have programs in place to ensure your assembly is compliant and remains that way for the years to come. You should never assume that your gate is compliant just because your automated gate assembly was done by a professional designer, architect, or installer. There are very few people that are trained and certified to design, install and maintain a compliant automated gate assembly.

At Countermeasures Security Solutions, it is our job to promote the continual training and certification of our technicians because we believe that it is a priority. Using our system analysis and maintenance services can strongly mitigate the liabilities associated with owning and operating an automated gate assembly.