Security Gate Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a good idea on any type of mechanical device. However, when it comes to staying compliant with automated gate assemblies, it is a priority! The safety standards for clearly state that “regular maintenance policies need to be adopted, the maintenance performed, and documented.” Regular maintenance can prevent system failures, which can create an obvious risk to security and can also force you to call up someone for repairs. If you have a certified professional regularly maintaining your assembly, they are able to assess the problem quickly and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Those without proper training and experience with automated gate assemblies tend to become “part replacement specialists” who start swapping out parts until they find the problem. This results in unnecessary costs and physical security downtime for you.

Countermeasures’ technicians are trained to diagnose and repair the problem quickly and at a minimum cost.

Our technicians are up to date with the latest technology in order to maintain your automated gate assembly, as well as the most current safety standards it must abide by.

Routine maintenance on automated security gate assemblies prevent system failures

Our routine maintenance service plan will ensure that your gate remains trouble free for years to come.

Regular maintenance by a Countermeasures trained tech will:

  • Spot issues that will cause downtime BEFORE it happens.
  • Reduce physical security downtime.
  • Ensure your Automated Gate Assembly is always compliant to the current safety standards.
  • Give your Automated Gate Assembly longevity.
  • Ensure reliable safety and security.