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Overhead Garage Doors Repair for Springtime

March 31, 2017

Springtime is the perfect time for overhead garage doors to be repaired and replaced.

Overhead garage doors, are the large doors on a garage that open manually or electrically generally to store vehicles and other items. After the winter they may look fine, but some maintenance and risk assessment can save home owners a lot of time and hassle later on in the summer season.

Of Most importance is  – Security!

Considering a garage door is typically one of the more popular household access points, its importance is all the more valuable. Garage doors that fail to operate correctly are safety hazards to family members. They are also means of entry for potential thieves. These risks are heightened especially when so often we leave garage door remotes carelessly hanging in unlocked cars from our visors.

One potential solution to these issues are smart phone garage door openers.

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Garage Door Repair Tips

Here are some general tips to help keep your overhead garage doors functioning properly through the spring and summer months, as well as safely.

Cleanliness: Garage doors get dirty inside and out. Dust, grease and dirt tend to collect on the inner half while the elements test the outter. When cleaning wood doors consider repainting and adding a water sealant as well sanding down before painting if any rot has occurred.

Lubrication:  It is critical to remember to lubricate all moving parts including rollers, hinges, tracks, the garage door openers track and weather stripping. Avoid using too much oil or WF-40 and a silicone based alternative is recommended for exterior weather stripping.

Wear and Tear: In particular keep mindful of hinges, rods, ball-bearings, and supports. Also, keep an eye on cables. If any of these components appear worn or frayed be sure to give your local garage expert a call for a second opinion.

Bolts: Loose bolts can lead to a door collapsing over top of property or unfortunately loved ones, therefore double check that every bolt is tightly secured in the back of the track.

Springs: A professional should always be called in to look at broken springs. If strings, however are contained within tubes, virtually no maintenance is required. Springs must be kept rust proof, and may be tested for tension when pulling the emergency release on the door while it is closed.

Weather Stripping: Weather stripping is found on the bottom portion of the doors perimeter, and seals your garage interior from outside moisture and elements. Don’t forget to give it a look.

Springtime Garage Replacement Negotiations

Spring currently is the ideal time for consumers to begin shopping around for garage doors.

Following the winter, businesses in the construction industries including overhead garage doors, are eager to get an early start to their year and frequently offer special promotions and negotiate prices.

Wintertime Garage Beating

The springs within overhead garage doors have a maximum, useful life span of around 5-6 years – assuming they have not rusted. Springs ensure that every time the door opens or closes it is properly balanced. For example, an average door that weights 175lb (80kg) is corrected to 8-10lbs (3.5-4.5kg). This is a significant difference and literally lightens the doors load. After a season of struggling with cold, windy, snowy weather it might be worth it to have a professional give a thorough report on the state of your garage doors and spring system.

Next Steps…

Following a garage maintenance and safety evaluation, feel free to book an appointment or contact CMSSI for a free quotation, consultation or second opinion. From the comfort of your home you can even design your own garage door and we will be happy to take care of the rest!