ASTM F2200 Gate Construction Standard

December 31, 2016

ASTM International ASTM F2200Where the UL 325 standard relates to the gate operator and its operation, the ASTM F2200 standard relates to the physical construction of Automated Vehicular Gates. ASTM F2200 standards are based on the type of gate and the applicable gate operator. The standard describes construction of the gate itself based on its operation.

Automated Gate Repairs and Retrofits

November 30, 2016

Upgrades or retrofits are simple ways to modernized your commercial and residential exteriors to withstand heavy duty applications. Often they are enough to solve industrial issues long-term. We specialize in upgrading and retrofitting all types of physical security systems, overhead doors and automated gates. Retrofit vs Repair Considerations The purpose of retrofits is to increase the […]

Garage Door Problems Caused by Cold Winter Weather

October 31, 2016

A garage door is the largest ambulatory part of a house and in many cases doubles as a primary entrance. As a result, as the winter season approaches make sure to check its conditions for the security of others. Here are a few easy tips for common problems that will help you get the most […]

Gate Installation and Replacement Guide

August 30, 2016

Gate installation can be a complex process, especially if the gate is automated. Before the installation of an electric gate, certified automated gate installers evaluate owners, needs, and requirements, looking into: possible hazards, gate opening methods, gate types and preferences in materials, styles and colours. Here’s a list to simplify that evaluation process: 1) Gate Installations Problems […]

Maintaining and Repairing the Springs in Your Automatic Garage Door

February 29, 2016

How to Tell if your Garage Door Springs are Bad? The garage door springs function to counteract gravity, lightening the door and making it possible for it to lift on its own or with  an opener. They literally do the heavy lifting! When underappreciated this important automatic door part, can become rather dangerous. Springs are in […]