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Maintaining and Repairing the Springs in Your Automatic Garage Door

February 29, 2016

How to Tell if your Garage Door Springs are Bad?

The garage door springs function to counteract gravity, lightening the door and making it possible for it to lift on its own or with  an opener. They literally do the heavy lifting!

When underappreciated this important automatic door part, can become rather dangerous. Springs are in place under a lot of tension, which means if they break or come out of place, they would do so under a lot of force and could cause serious injury to anyone nearby.

So how can you tend to the maintenance of your automatic door and its springs while making sure you’re doing so safely? It’s important to know the difference between when it’s safe to do it yourself, and when it’s best to call in a professional.


If you think you might have an issue with the springs on your automatic garage door, diagnosing the issue is likely the best first step in determining whether this is a job you want to tackle yourself, or if you want to call in someone with a little more experience.

Maintenance and Lubrication

If you notice that your automatic door is squeaking when in use, it might just be a matter of lubricating the springs. This is something most homeowners would likely feel comfortable doing themselves, and in most cases a spray lubricant can be applied and there is no need to touch the springs yourself. If the squeaking persists after you’ve lubricated the springs, this might be an indication of a more substantial problem, meaning it might be time to get a second opinion.

Manual Tests

The best indication of an automatic garage door in good repair is whether or not it opens and closes smoothly. If your door doesn’t seem to be working as it should, you might be able to determine if the issue is caused by the springs, by opening the door manually. If you pull the cord to open your door manually, and the door is difficult to operate, it could be that your springs are out of balance. This is an issue that is important to address to avoid further damage and likely is best handled by a professional.

Safety Cables 

If your garage door has extension springs, it should also have a safety cable on either side of the door. This important safety feature is in place incase one of the high tension springs break. If your automatic door does not appear to have these safety cables installed, you should call a professional to have them installed right away.

Each homeowner will have different experiences working on their automatic garage doors, and it’s important to decide for yourself what maintenance you’re comfortable tackling, while keeping in mind the importance of safety.

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