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Gate Safe - a UK Initiative

October 31, 2012

Gate Safe, an automated gate safety initiative.

Gate Safe is the UK’s national campaign which aims to improve the safety of automated gates. However, the importance of automated gate safety is not just a concern for the UK. At Countermeasures, we  are dedicated to promote gate safety in our own backyard!

Why was Gate Safe launched?

Gate Safe was set up by Jacksons Fencing in September 2010,  in the wake of the death of two children in separate automated gate incidents in June and July 2010. The initial aim of the campaign was to unite the professions associated with an automated gate installation to encourage them to work together to improve standards in automated gate safety and to raise awareness of the inherent need to understand and adhere to current safety legislation / guidelines to deliver a safety compliant installation.  Given that there had been a further fatality in April 2006, and a further three incidents where children narrowly escaped serious injury in 2010, Jacksons message was simple ‘ how many more deaths before we acknowledge the need for change?’.