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Gate Installation and Replacement Guide

August 30, 2016

Gate installation can be a complex process, especially if the gate is automated. Before the installation of an electric gate, certified automated gate installers evaluate owners, needs, and requirements, looking into: possible hazards, gate opening methods, gate types and preferences in materials, styles and colours.

Here’s a list to simplify that evaluation process:

1) Gate Installations

Problems with Pre-existing Gate? Repair? Modifications?

    • If you have already have a gate, and have problems, adding more equipment aggravate the situation. Ensure that pre-existing gates have been installed correctly first.

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2) Environmental Gate Modifications 

  •  Sloped Surfaces
    • Slopes are sources of additional strain and will require additional equipment
  • Underground Water
    • Consider water drainage for underground motor installations
  • Wind and Temperature
    • In windier situations open railing gates provide more wind resistance as well as systems with 24V motors. Lower winter temperatures may also cause delays in gate performance and starting up batteries.

3) Automation Equipment

  • Correct Equipment – Operators, Controller Types, Systems
    • Improvising with the wrong equipment, that does not meet manufacturer specifications is risky and voids any guarantees.
  • Gate Controller Types
    • Variety of types depending on uses.
    • Available Options: Keypads, card access, ground loops or probes, vehicle detectors, GSM via mobile phones and push buttons.

4) Automated Gate Security and Control

  • Is the gate for residential, commercial or industrial applications?
  • Accessibility for
    • Visitors – unexpected vs expected
    • Pedestrians
    • Tradesmen – employees, deliveries, etc
  • For pedestrians: besides pedestrian gates, keypads and intercoms are common options
  • For trades-people: outside buttons are connected to time clocks, giving access to the property are certain times of time of date. This is a security trade-off for convenience.
  • Other Options: Vehicle Induction loops, remote radio controls, key locks, key switches or push buttons, keypads, card access control.

CMSSI offer friendly and professional installation services for all residential and commercial automated gate needs as well as security access control projects – from product/design, system analysis, installation and maintenance.

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