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Gate automation kits: a major barrier to safety

October 31, 2012

info 4 security

As the automated gate industry is getting more concerned with the safe installation and workings of automated gates, one area of concern that the UK’s Gate Safe campaign founder Richard Jackson brings to the forefront in a recent web exclusive on the Info4Security site is “gate automation kits and the fear that their ongoing, open public sale could realise fatal consequences.”

Gate Safe campaign founder Richard Jackson

Gate Safe campaign founder Richard Jackson

“Ironically, one of the leading manufacturers of this type of equipment states in its written ‘Warning to the Installer’ that: “Any repair should be carried out by qualified personnel only”. A shame, then, that the same manufacturer apparently chooses to ignore the logical conclusion that only qualified personnel should also carry out the actual installation?”

“Our concern is that, in the current climate where every penny counts, we’re going to see a further increase in the sale of gate automation kits as commercial users and members of the public alike seek to save money by effectively cutting out the ‘professional custodian’ of the gate.

Sadly, the reality is that the outcome could potentially prove fatal.”