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Garage Door Problems Caused by Cold Winter Weather

October 31, 2016

A garage door is the largest ambulatory part of a house and in many cases doubles as a primary entrance. As a result, as the winter season approaches make sure to check its conditions for the security of others.

Here are a few easy tips for common problems that will help you get the most from your door.

Garage Door/ Opener Maintenance Tips

  • Contracting Metal
    • Metal springs and pieces will contract and seize up
    • Recommendation is to lubricate moving parts with a silicone based lubricant
  • Frozen Doors
    • When rain is followed by freezing temperatures this can cause the garage door stripping to freeze to the ground. Knocking it off with some wood and hammer will remove the ice.
  • Hardened Grease
    • Replace hard frozen grease with a firm bristled tooth brush and reapply fresh lubrication
  • Low Battery in Radio Transmitter
    • Before changing batteries check for condensation on the battery contacts.
  • Condensation on Security System
    • Condensation and frost is known to form over the two glass boxes on either size of the garage door. If the door has a photo-electric sensor wiping it will prevent it from becoming inoperable.
  • Broken Springs
    • Spring systems balance door weight
    • Doesn’t usually occur at winter
  • Deformed tracks 
    • Wear out over time with use and extreme temperatures
    • Will require professional assistance

Preventative Maintenance – Prevention before Reaction

Prevention is the best way to prevent problems caused by cold winter weather. To deactivate the door before an inspection simply pull on the security cord.

A few more points to emphasize: 1) Make sure to lubricate moving parts like rollers and spring systems. Just a small amount of motor oil will suffice, 2) Don’t grease ails, 3) As mentioned a silicone-based lubricate for the door’s sill is best.

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