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Custom Garage Door Styles and Tips

January 22, 2016

In a recent study, when realtors were asked to appraise homes before and after they were upgraded with new custom garage doors, they increased their recommended listing prices by 1-4% after garage upgrade. In 2015, the average sale price for a home in Ontario was $477,000. This means that thousands of dollars in value could be added to your home, between $1,900 and $4,000 for the average home in Ontario, while adding character and style to suit your preferences.

Build it Yourself 

Custom Garage Door Generator

If your home includes a garage, a third or more of the front of your house is made up of your garage door. When so many houses on the block have the same plain, generic, standard door, you may not have given much thought to the look of your own garage door. Does it add to the overall curb appeal of your house, or does it take away from the style and character of your home? Chances are, it might be doing neither. As a feature that takes up so much of your front façade, there’s an opportunity to turn it into a focal point.

Security and Function

When it comes to garage doors, most homeowners’ primary concerns are security and function. With today’s technology and modern designs, you can get the heavy-duty and secure, automatic or energy-efficient door you’re looking for in a variety of custom styles and designs.

Materials and Style

From door material, to windows, trim and hardware, the options for custom designs are vast. Consider decorative wrought iron hardware, stained wood finishes or dozens of designer window options. A style currently popular with homeowners are Carriage doors. Modern Carriage doors are designed to look like the charming, old-time, hinged doors of carriage houses, though today’s carriage style doors are designed to operate like standard garage doors, rolling up and out of the way at the press of a button.


When you’re designing your custom garage door, you want to choose a look that you will love, but you also want to consider how the garage fits with the style of your home’s exterior. For instance, a European style home might be better suited to the classic look of faux French doors rather than an ultra modern design.

Whatever the style of your home and whatever your personal taste, a custom door can be designed to match, to give your home a fresh look while increasing its value.

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