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Contemplating Automated Security Gates? Consider This.

December 19, 2014

When it comes to both home and business security, it can be hard to justify a larger scale expense, such as installing entry and/or perimeter gates. The trade offs can include peace of mind, privacy, and of course, the security aspect. But what happens when high profile intrusion stories break, despite the fact that gates are in place?

These extenuating circumstances every now and again can make you think, is it really worth it? Here’s an example: a few months ago on October 22nd, 2014, the media had a frenzy when the White House went into lockdown. It was reported that a 23-year-old man was identified by the Secret Service, climbing the north fence-line on the grounds. He was immediately taken into custody on the North Lawn and although he was unarmed, this was still a very serious intrusion that was not taken lightly.

This may have given people thoughts that security gates are ineffective because someone was “easily able to jump it and walk right onto the White House grounds”. However, let’s take it from another perspective – had there been no gates in place at all, anyone could roam the grounds at any given time, causing trouble in many ways.

Now, comparing the White House to a residential home or business may seem a little bit farfetched, but it all comes down to the same principle – security. At CMSSI, understanding and conveying the importance of security gates is one of our top priorities. Our specialists will consult and install security gates with the utmost confidence that our customers are receiving quality products for a fair price.

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