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How to Catch Trespassers At Night

May 2, 2017

A trespasser are individuals that loiter and prowl, on property with a dwelling-house which does not below to them, especially at night.

Preventative Physical Security measures will help protect property, buildings and assets in these circumstances. During implementation of a physical security program, keep in mind as many forms of security for the most effective physical security system.

Levels of Physical Security

There are three levels to protect, which include the outer perimeter, inner perimeter, and interior security.

  1. Outer perimeter – may defined by property lines.
  2. inner perimeter – involves walls, windows and doors. Locks, keys and alarm systems will aid with these.
  3. Interior security – as the final level of security covers the inside of a building(s).

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Prevent Trespassing On Your Property

Electronic Access Control

The alarm system and motion detectors are useful for controlling traffic flow within a facility and alarming breaches into the inner perimeter and interior.

  • Security cameras systems provide real-time images to smartphone or laptop, come in a variety of sizes, and in wireless options, for quick installation and remote tracking.
  • Motion Detectors
  • protect your interior with motion detectors that will sense the presence of intruders, security guards, and volunteer floor marshals

Note: When designing any perimeter security system a serious security weakness are lost keys that unauthorized personnel could copy.

Natural Access Control

Great of outer perimeter security. Natural Access Control is a use of landscaping and building features to guide people through entrances and exits. Remember to consider both entrances and exits, closing off all potential escape routes. When approaches to buildings are clearly marked, and channel visitors to defined areas, this increases a criminals perception of risk, discouraging against future intrusions.

Deterring Trespassers

Follow these steps to keep property trespasser-free: put signs, create borders, know your neighbors.


Private Property Signs and no trespassing signs are the best deterrents against trespassers or against people not realizing they are trespassing. This often happens in situations where there isn’t a fence installed. Signage every 50 years along property borders is recommended.

In a legal sense, they also double as a smart preventative measure to indicate that the law has clearly been broken in the event of an intrusion.

Furthermore, territorial reinforcement, creates clearer distinctions between private and public property, legitimizing a sense of ownership for occupants, and not intruders.


This means installing sturdy gates and fencing off property at entry points. Automated commercial and residential gates help to increase property functionality and represent the highest level of convenience.

CMSSI Offers customized options for commercial, industrial and residential purposes.

  1. High cycle systems
  2. Traffic and parking solutions
  3. Maximum security situations including Sally Port Entrance Control Systems
  4. Design systems for Utility companies, hospitals, police, border patrol and the military

When it comes to both home and business security, it can be hard to justify a larger scale expense. However, in deciding on physical security implementation systems, you are weighing the risk of an intruder entering your property, with peace of mind, privacy and security.

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