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Automated Gate Maintenance: Essentials

January 16, 2017

Automated Gate Maintenance guidelines for post-installation care. Automated gates do not demand much maintenance, however some attention, is always a good idea.

Gate Maintenance Tip Considerations

  • Quality: High vs Low
  • Lubrication
  • Hinges
  • Automated System Type: Swing vs Slide
  • Cleaning
  • Wildlife

Purchase High-Quality Gates

High end automated systems are advantageous in the long run as they will require less maintenance.

They, often times, are pre-installed with sealed and maintenance-free

  • Wheels on slide gates
  • Hinges on swing gates
  • And part that require fewer adjustments less frequently

Lubrication is Key

Lubrication can help to prolong the life span of an automated gate.

There is a variety of types available.

  • Recommendations
    • Avoid: Grease and WD-40
      • Grease: when exposed collects dirt and turns into sandpaper, grinding away at your gate
      • WD-40 is a cleaner and not lubricant
    • Alternatives
      • Oil and Silicon Based Lubricants and White Lithium Grease
        • Oil: is very messy and stains, use with caution
        • Silicon Based: are a better alternative to oil, and readily available, plus they come in aerosol cans
      • White Lithium Grease:
        • The best option and a professional grade product recommended for all moving parts in commercial, industrial and residential garage doors.

Don’t Forget Your Hinges

Check for gate sturdiness and tightness, and monitor smaller crackers.

One can also find grease fittings on many steel ornamental swing gates, they require greasing 4-5 times a year.

Mind Unsealed Systems 

Ensure that hinges, bearings, and wheels say lubricated.

Chains inside of swing and slide gates must stay lubricated especially if the system is not sealed. Also, in slide gates be sure to grease the main drive chain regularly with a heavier grease. Chains ought to remain pliable.

Keep them Clean 

Wash and wax at least once a year, will guarantee that your gates last long longer, and won’t require expensive renovations.

Deal with Pests

Unattended electrical cabinets or boxes, circuit boards, gate openers are all at risk for damage

  • Moisture: from snails, slugs and spider webs is highly conductive
  • Corrosion: from ant hills and bee nests can corrode gate opener circuitry
  • Damage: Mice are notorious for eating and urinating electrical wiring

Preventative Maintenance

In the long run preventative maintenance increases life-time product longevity, safety standards compliance and helps to catch issues before they become costly problems.  As secure, practical and low maintenance as automated gates can be they still require some attention. Protect your Investments.

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