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Safety Around Automated Gates

April 21, 2015

If you own an automated gate at your home or business, it is paramount to make sure it is regularly scheduled for maintenance checkups. It is your responsibility to ensure the gates are safe and operational. If your gate causes injury or damage to the property of others, you may face the risk of a lawsuit for damages due to negligence.

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Liability?

Ensuring that your assembly is compliant with the safety standard is the best way to protect yourself against liability of any damage or injury. To ensure this, you must ensure your gate is complaint with UL325, ASTM F2200, CSA 249-92 standards, while also properly documenting this compliance, maintenance, and regular inspections.

The safety standard clearly states, “Regular maintenance policies need to be adopted, the maintenance performed, and documented.” It’s extremely important to remember that if your gate is moving and comes into contact with an obstacle, resulting in injury, damage, or even death you are 100% liable for your gate!

It does not matter whether you are a small independent business owner or a larger multi-national business, the security of your premises, and the safety of your customers and staff is a very high priority. Controlling the vehicle and on-foot traffic than enters your site not only helps to keep your business secure, but can also help to keep visitors to your site safe.

Never Assume Your Gate Is Compliant – Because Someone Installed it

Only Certified Professionals Can Ensure Safety Compliance

At Countermeasures, we have programs in place to ensure your assembly is compliant and remains that way for the years to come. It is our job to promote the continual training and certification of our technicians. Using our system analysis and maintenance services can strongly mitigate the liabilities associated with owning and operating an automated gate assembly.