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Automated Gate Repairs and Retrofits

November 30, 2016

Upgrades or retrofits are simple ways to modernized your commercial and residential exteriors to withstand heavy duty applications. Often they are enough to solve industrial issues long-term. We specialize in upgrading and retrofitting all types of physical security systems, overhead doors and automated gates.

Retrofit vs Repair Considerations

The purpose of retrofits is to increase the efficiency and safety of your gates without completely replacing them.  Weigh the costs of replace or retrofit projects carefully, especially if a replacement is likely a few years down the road anyway.

  1. Compliance
    • Does your existing system adhere to UL-325 and ASTM F-2200 standards?
    • These are mandatory door operator and construction standards to keep you safe
  2. Cost of Repairs
    • Since many parts are apt to break, retro-fit options maybe the better long-term cost-effective solution
  3. Gate Function
    • Countermeasures has over 80 years combined experience for commercial and automated gates
    • For both settings automation is a great physical and visual deterrent against unauthorized intruders
    • For residential purposes gates are customized to complement existing architecture and landscaping with many exciting options to select from
  4. Accessibility and Access Control
    • Security systems enable businesses with heavier foot traffic to monitor facility access at specific dates and times with little to no effort
  5. Convenience
    • Control and comfort from inside a vehicle or indoors
  6. Cost
    • Installation and maintenance costs depend on gate type and function. Commercial and multi-family complexes being more complex will require additional maintenance check-ups, and comprehensive systems

Examples of Automate Gate Retro fix

Retrofitting serves to increase gate efficiency and safety without replacing your existing system.

Understanding Safety Surrounding Automated Gates

  • Absolute Access Control Systems
    • Radio controls
      • Involve a remote control device like a click to open gates
    • Telephone entry
      • Simplest means of managing entry through verbal communication
      • In a business situation the system will have its own phone line to be dialled in to other buildings
    • Automated gate keypad entry systems
      • Provides visitors remote access using coded devices
      • Commonly combined with telephone entry
    • Automated Gate Card Readers
      • Card access great for commercial settings that can used at multiple entry points in a facility

Preventative Maintenance and Service Packages

Extend equipment longevity with periodic maintenance checks to reduce downtime, failure or unexpected issues.

Countermeasures service agreements include quarterly inspections for installs and preventative packages that optimize for reliable, safe, sustainable gate operations that are ultimately money-saving.

Countermeasures Routinely Inspects

  1. Entrapment systems
  2. Access control systems
  3. Mechanical systems
  4. Security systems
  5. Structural integrity

Interested? Let’s Talk about Automated Gate Repairs and Retrofits