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Automated gate plans

Whether you are planning a new automated gate installation or have an existing one, you need to know that your gate is compliant with the current ASTM F2200 safety codes for automated vehicular gates. These codes have been implemented as the result of injuries and deaths that may have occurred. These new regulations are becoming mandatory worldwide to enforce safe security practice and prevent recurrence of these tragic events.

Areas of concern:

  • The gate type & classification
  • Entrapment
  • Warning signs, lights and audio alert
  • Gate controls
  • Gate operator
  • Rollers are protected
  • Pinch points are eliminated or guarded

Let Countermeasures Security Solutions Inc. eliminate the guessing game. Call us today to set up your automated gate assembly audit. We will do a complete inspection of the function, structure, safety and security of your automated gate.

Never Assume Your Gate is Complaint – Avoid Negligent Lawsuit Risk

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Automated Gate Installation

The installation of a cantilever gate for a commercial Automated Gate Assembly

Some of the details we will look at include:

  • Sequential Activation
  • Gate Reversal
  • Gate Speed
  • Exposed pinch points eliminated or guarded
  • Exposed rollers guarded
  • Pedestrian gate
  • Adequate clearances
  • Gate operation
  • Gate Controls
  • Reset controls
  • Security preventing unauthorized use
  • Warning signs and placards
  • Auxiliary support
  • Check for protrusions
  • Barbed wire installation
  • Gate latches
  • Gate balance
  • Check openings
  • Gaps between gate and stationary object
  • Positive stops
  • Stability of gate
  • Recessing of receiver
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Gate maintenance plan

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