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Safety Standard Certified

System Analysis

Countermeasures invests heavily into Education and Research to always provide the highest level of service to our customers. Our research has proven that every gate system that we investigated did not comply with UL 325, ASTM F2200 and CSA 247-92 industry safety standards...


You have or want an automated gate system. These systems are a great addition to any physical security system. They add productivity and security not to mention convenience. One thing they also add that many overlook is LIABILITY!


Regular maintenance is a good idea on any mechanical device. However when it comes to compliant automated gate systems it is a MUST! According to the safety standards it clearly states that “regular maintenance policies need to be adopted, the maintenance performed and doc...

Product Design/Build

CMSSI works as consultants with the designers and engineers to ensure that all new systems are compliant and safe. If you feel that there is no need for a designer or engineer on your project, Countermeasures will work directly with you to ensure that you achieve the same re...

Commercial | Industrial

Countermeasures Security Solution is a leader in commercial and industrial fences and automated gates. We provide perimeter security solutions to help keep your property safe and secure. We will work with you to find the best fit for your current and expanding needs.


Countermeasures provides automated driveway gates for your home. Gate automation offers security and convenience and Countermeasures can retro fit most gates to accommodate automation or build you a new gate to fit your needs.
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